Monday, July 30, 2007

Trip Day 1

Day 1 was full of treats and surprises. It was a beautiful morning when we arrived in Pontiac. After unloading the bus, we toured each of the homes we would be working in. Then we got to work. It was delightful to meet some of the residents of the homes. They were interested and excited to meet us and hear about our plans for their living spaces.

The big house had a repaired and operating air conditioner, that was a very welcome surprise! The teams spent the morning taking old furniture out of the homes, washing walls and taping for painting. The kitchen team in the big house spent a long, hard day scraping adhesive off the floor, making ready for new tile.

First Presyterian Chuch let us come have lunch in their air conditioned dining room, it was a nice break mid-day. It got warm in the afternoon, but alot of work got done. Most of the rooms are ready for painting, two have been primed and the team in the upper apartment finished a room before we left at 5.

One challenge presented itself today. In the apartment, we had planned to do the kitchen, the living room and one bedroom. The other resident was sad that we are not doing her room. We did not understand why it was assigned to us that way. So, we are going to do our best to do something for her in her room. Please pray that we are able to be effiicient in our time and money so we can do that.

Prayer requests:

- safety and health for all of us

- that we are able to find ways to encourage all of the residents in the homes we are decorating

Thank you for praying and encouraging us!

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