Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 1, Day 3

Day 3

Projects are wrapping up today as we see team members learning new skills. It is the greatest thing to walk through the rooms and see women using tools of all kinds and completeing amazing projects. It has been very hot for three days, but the women are real troupers.

We thank God for so much this week:

  • our encouragement team, Sue, Joan and Kris who have kept us fed and healthy and happy

  • our runner Ingrid who has jumped in a hot car anytime we need her to run to Lowe's...even if she just got back

  • the residents we have met on Seneca Street and their inspiring stories

  • His provision of money, prayer, furniture, transportation for all of it, health and so much more

  • patient family members back home
  • women from our congregation who have been sending us desert every day!

Just one more day to wrap everything up!